What Is Graph?

I am graph, I go to work on graph. It’s everywhere, really.

I have a sister. Both of us has same parents. Our mom has parents, which is our grandparents from mom’s side. And so our dad, which means we have grandparents from dad’s side. …

Kafka has good integration with Java spring, as you can see here. Spring provides KafkaTemplate and annotations to easily produce and consume kafka.

But not everybody uses Spring. Sometimes even team working on other programming language than java. This means, learning kafka needs another learning curve, especially when uses native…

Disclaimer : This article is my opinion and NOT represents point of view of my current or former employers.

Despite the usual, this is NOT technical article, so feel free to see my other articles if you’re looking for it.

Open banking, open finance (not to be confused with open…

We need to secure API.
One common way to secure this is using token, some long-character-sequence, attached on HTTP request (the good practice is in HTTP request header), where API server (or API gateway) validates the token against some database.

There are two types of tokens:

  • stateful : where server…

Covid has been a year by now, and the needs of digitalization is spiking. In simple form, we need data-entry form, digitally accessible (simple words : I want entry from www.something).

We have classic problem : more requests compared than engineers.

So the business user became creative. Instead of waiting…

Let’s just take a little break from all of those text-based, black (or white) IDE screens and pick something colorful.

I have a niece, currently on 6th grade and I’d like to teach her some tech stuff (although she prefers digital drawing using some manga tools, which I know nothing)…

data transfer

The Data TransferProblem

We have multiple data sources to be fetched, and they come in various formats, since we have legacy apps & more “modern” microservice apps. In short, they come in these formats:

  • csv files, in certain FTP servers
  • (multiple) relational databases. Our RDBMS mostly are SQL Server, although…

For many of our organization’s software engineers, message broker is something weird. Since this is a new thing, our engineers must learn about at least two things :

  • reliable publisher
  • idempotent consumer

Reliable Publisher

Some of our message-broker-based events involves important thing (e.g. send new customer data from web to…

Not all organizations has resources (money, time, interesting career path, etc) to recruit best software engineers. In some organization that has systems built before 2010, before API becomes something normal, the problem also get more complex. …

In the part 1, we learn that message broker can avoid sphagetti communication by acting as central communication hub. But not just that, there are some more characteristics of using message broker. This time, I will also share common pitfalls I found when people use message broker for first time.

Timotius Pamungkas

A father, a husband, a tech enthusiast. In that particular order.

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